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We are a startup specialized in storytelling that connects based on relevant data. We love to narrate, investigate, analyze, but above all, SELL.
We look for data, not to collect it but to find relevant stories in it and build strategies that impact brands to make them profitable and visible digitally. Emotions and Humanity are welcome.
We are engineers, data experts, geeks, marketers, and communicators. We build relevant, current and disruptive brands.



Storytelling is the best tool you can count on to catch your customers: While you’re zapping, haven’t you been watching a commercial because the story caught you? Have you not opened a link because the title of the entry seemed important to you? STORYDATA is here so that you are the one who begins to generate that impact on your clients.
Our process begins with Investigation, to get to know your Brand. Connection, to join the relevant data points and then Tell a story that triggers emotions on your audience.



Would you like to improve the results of your digital objectives, but don’t know how? At STORYDATA we offer you a tool that will allow you to follow the path that will lead you to improve the conversion you have achieved so far. The path to treasure only requires a trusted guide to find it and we want to be it for your brand!
Our process begins with Data Analysis, where we gather information and process it. Hypothesis creation, where we make decisions to implement within the strategy to improve it and then we Check and Demonstrate by testing those changes with clients to see how they behave and and from there begin to refine what is useful and what is not.


If your website is not visible in the Google Ocean, or there are not many people finding you on digital, don’t worry! At STORYDATA we have the best team that, with their skills, will optimize your digital strategy and make your brand the best treasure on the Internet.
Our process begins with Investigation, to define the keywords by which you want your audiences to find you. Then we define your Search Strategy that would allow you to scale positions. We build the best way to make your brand visible in digital, through tactics and clear actions. Finally, here comes the Optimization, where we We will take your digital ecosystem and optimize it, making your site load faster with friendly URLs, light images, valuable SEO content that converts your audiences.

"StoryData creates flexible teams, cross functional and happy to give short-term results".